Plant Pathology Research, Consulting, Special Projects

TriCal Diagnostics is available to assist with diverse investigations and projects in plant pathology and nematology.

  1. Research: With our extensive field and laboratory experience, we are actively involved in various areas of research: new pathogen detection methods, fungicide efficacy studies, field surveys for soilborne pathogens, and other projects.
  2. Field investigations: Our expert plant pathology diagnosticians are available for problem-solving field and site investigations. Contact us for details.
  3. Collaborations: We provide technical support and expertise in plant pathology and nematology. We produce pathogen inoculum for other researchers. We are co-investigators on research projects. We provide technical information and support for grant applications and special projects.
  4. Consulting: Advice on disease management, technical information on plant diseases, review of documents for scientific accuracy, and other consultations are services provided by TriCal Diagnostics.