In today’s competitive ag world, it is too risky to guess at the causes of plant disease problems. The low cost of clinical testing pays off for the high investment you have made in the crops in your field.

Custom diagnostics on plant samples:

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  • For identification and problem solving (flat fee covers handling, culturing, analysis and consultation).
  • Our lab will inform you of the need for both culturing and molecular assays and will obtain your consent before proceeding with molecular testing.

Molecular diagnostics of plant samples:

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  • For RPA (Recombinase Polymerase Amplification) for one or more pathogens.
  • Currently available for strawberry collapse diagnoses (to identify Fusarium, Macrophomina, Phytophthora, and Verticillium) and for all crops where Verticillium dahliae or Phytophthora (genus specific) is suspected.

(Polymerase Chain Reaction)

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  • We offer PCR and qPCR testing for diverse pathogens.

Soil Tests for Soilborne Pathogens

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  • Fusarium, Verticillium, Macrophomina

Additional Services:

Screening services:

  • Screening plant materials for target pathogens and microorganisms:
    price dependent on test requested and volume of samples.
  • Screening lettuce for resistance/susceptibility to Bremia lactucae:
    price dependent on requested volume of samples. See separate flyer.

Special projects and research: TriCal Diagnostics is available to assist on laboratory and field problem solving investigations, plant pathology research, and collaborations on projects and grants.

Based on lab results and as needed, Director Steven Koike can personally discuss results, control measures, and other information specific to your farm and the issues you are having via phone or e-mail.

We can also refer you to specialized labs if warranted (herbicide or other chemical residues, specific testing for nutrients).
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